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SUMMER’S FASHION ESSENTIALS 1 (Yes that means there will be more parts!)

Striped tops!

These are a summer must have! I am dying to pair this with my denim jacket and black leggings. I predict tops like this are going to be summer’s next big thing! Now both tops are a little on the pricy side, they are both $50, but they look so worth it. Whether I decide to buy or not, well I’ll leave it up to chance, chance that there will be a sale soon. Fingers crossed! For now it’s window shopping and online browsing.

However if you really want keep it cheap you could always go for this :

( imagine this with light blue stripes I couldn't download the pic i wanted to use sorry!)

This is only 19.95 and just as cute. I would recommend wearing it with hise rise jeans or black leggings to keep skin from showing. Should you decide to go the black legging route i’d pair with a denim jacket.


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