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Maxi Mania

One of the best items of clothing for summer for all you conservatives out there are maxi skirts! They still keep you covered but let you breath, something jeans don’t really let you do! You can go two ways with maxi skirts, you can go free and flowy or form fitting. Now the for skirts that are more flowy you would find them in a chiffon or linen fabric. Form fitting skirts are more cotton, and sometimes ribbed fabric. Ribbed is basically when the fabric has an equal amount of stitches vertically. Anyway the point is you are gonna sweat a bit in form fitting maxis. Here are some of my top picks for maxi skirts this summer as well as some of my own designs. Some of these you may have seen in previous posts





I would recommend skirts with flow like that to girls who have height. I myself am very short. I find that I get lost in skirts like that and trip over myself.

Urban outfitters ( both skirts )

Those who are on the short side like myself would do better in form fitting skirt, but that is only because they don't pool at the bottom, they go more to your ankles. I know personally for someone of my height that form fitting works better for me. The top skirt I know looks like a boring grey but, it actually has black and white stripes. As for the denim one just button it all the way down for the full length.

These are some of my own designs, based off of observations I made of current trends. As you can tell some are form fitting and some are flowy. Comment on your favorites!!!!


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