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Jewel Heist

A big part when you get dressed for the day is accessorizing. When you accessorize, you only want the latest jewelry that you see trending with celebrities and those fancy name brand commercials. There then comes a point where you realize you can’t afford what celebrities wear, so you ask yourself “ how do I keep it trendy but cheap?”

It all starts with what store you buy from. You see celebrities wearing nice jewelry from Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Fendi, Coach, and so on. You don’t even realize that the stores you love to shop at sell amazing and inexpensive and similar jewelry right in front of you.

Charlotte Russe

All items $6.00


Earings $16.00



Charlotte Russe and Francesca's are my two go to jewelry shops! Super trendy and affordable and all items above are totally spring worthy. Another good place to check out for jewelry is forever 21. Check it out folks! Until next time!

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