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Modest Times

Modest fashion is not just about one brand used specifically to meet the needs of a modern Muslim women. It is about taking other brands that are already out there and finding the clothes that fit your needs, like H&M, Zara, and Dolce and Asos. The two Muslim Bloggers who started Amaliah are trying to convey that message, and Their names are Selina and Nafisa Bakkar.

The Bakkar sisters grew up in the U.K., born to Indian immigrants from the eastern city of Kolkata. Amaliah was started at their kitchen counter in 2015. The goal of amaliah is to change the view of islam in a world with restrictions. Nafisa Bakkar sees Amaliah as a tool for cultural change not just a clothing brand. On Amaliah they blog about what to wear and where to get it from. They follow modern day to day trends :





Link to AMALIAH :

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