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Denim Daze

I don’t know about you guys but one of my favorite spring pieces this year is my denim jacket. I’m not a huge fan of wearing denim with denim, makes me think of the early 2000’s, not the best fashion trends going on then. Of course the same could be said now through another person’s opinion. Anyway I like to wear my denim jacket with black jeans or leggings. Take this look for example :

A classic denim jacket with a grey t-shirt, a black choker and black jeans. It is so simple and so chic. For some reason I feel like this is so spring. I know it doesn’t scream spring with the lack of pastels and floral patterns but just hear me out, basically just keep reading.

Now there are two popular styles of denim this season and first up for discussion today is oversized!

Oversized is the more popular of the two. It is cozy, lose and just easy to throw on, especially over dress. If you look at the pictures above you’ll notice both times the jacket is styled with a classic black midi dress. In the first picture they way the jacket was simple and refined, a simple black dress, the jacket and a good pair of heels. However what really made the outfit work was how the dress is frayed at the bottom, it gives the look some texture. In the picture below it a lot is going on. You’ve got a black polka dotted dress and lace accents on the bottom, and you got the jacket itself. What really gives this outfit its flavor though is the accessories, aka the necklace. You got this beautiful vintage pearl necklace and this crystal bib necklace that accents the dress perfectly. It shouldn’t work but it does, it really does.

The final style of denim is embroidered!

This is the more spring like denim style. I see it around a lot. Usually though it is just on the back of the jacket, i prefer it to be on the front as well otherwise it doesn't feel like it actually is there. I love this style especially in light wash, makes it feel all the more spring. I'd style it with a white t-shirt, black leggings and perhaps a necklace like this :

Or maybe to keep it simple just wear this crochet camisole with it :

Until next time my fellow fashionistas!

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